A great city! Plenty of interesting people and places there! There is
seemingly a bright, very interesting subculture with many bike riders. One of
the coolest place I have been was located here, in Kazinczy utca. There
were lot of cool locals. Unfortunately I do not the name of this so-called
garden (“kertek”), which was located between two houses.

Being there I was asking myself, why do I know so few about this country. I
don’t know why, but I remembered that one of the books – when I used to
read books 🙂 – that impressed me most was written by a Hungarian. It is
György Konrád’s novel “A látogató”. Unfortunately, there is no English
translation, the German title is “Der Besucher” and the Serbian “Posetialc”.
It is a very touching story about official who discover a deserted boy
whose parents committed suicide. Since he can’t find any place for him at
children’s home he decide to take care about him on his own, even if has
to leave his own family for it.

I was able to catch little bit of Hungarian music in Budapest. I saw Anima 
Sound System in the Gödör Club – a culture club in the centre of the city
– it was a great gig! And I heard also some interesting music on Petőfi 
Rádió (94,8 MHz).

Should you be in Budapest soon, don’t miss the great photo exhibition
“Co-existence of traditional cultures in Carpathian Basin” in the front of the
Hungarian Parliament! I was really very, very impressed by these works.
I saw a lot of fascinating pictures! You can see few of them at this website:
www.egyuttlet.eu But lot of very good photos are not included here and
the presentation is unfortunately not the best one…